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Thu 1 Dec: Charlbury Society Meeting:Thursday 1st December 7.50 for 8 pm by Zoom

: Leisure and entertainment in Victorian and Edwardian Oxford

In the mid nineteenth century changes in employment practices and rising real wages meant that ordinary working people found themselves, usually for the first time, with leisure time and with spare money to spend on recreation. All sorts of establishments arose to fulfill the new demand for entertainment, many of them aimed at keeping people out of the pub. This talk describes where and how Oxford citizens spent their free time, and how the middle classes attempted to impose ‘rational recreation’ on their working-class.

For our December talk , at this festive time of year, we welcome back Liz Woolley who is particularly interested in the history of Oxford’s “town” - as opposed to “gown” - and in the lives of ordinary working citizens in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Members, please do join us, and to become a member and receive the link a couple of days before, please email   treas.charlsoc@gmail.com

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