Wanted: old Raspberry Pi teensy ORIGINAL Model credit card sized computer board

Wanted: old Raspberry Pi ORIGINAL Model credit card sized computer board 

Anyone got one of these original Raspberry Pi megamicro little computer boards not used anymore that I can use to connect a really rather posh USB connected hifi speakers system wirelessly over the network that I have been given to find a way to not make more electronic waste?

Got all the bits and box and connectors for this ‘ere Pi audio wireless network project to save junking the posh speakers from the tip but - alas alack - the electricity power input socket has failed. 

Must be lots of these sitting about in cupboards or boxes from the days when the now grown-up kids were being encouraged to have a go at coding, just like our old one here that has been hanging around. And now I have found the good use we saved it for. Only to find the failed connector:-( stymies things…

Go on, have a look in that “some day this might be of use again “ box, there might be one!

Malcolm Blackmore · Sat 1 Jan, 17:32 · Link

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