Diddly squat restaurant refused

William Glasbury
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Fri 14 Jan, 16:45

This is so interesting. They didn’t have any issue with planning permission for the Butlins for the insufferable middle classes at Soho Farmhouse and yet, here’s a non-members only venue that brings people to the area but also ACTUALLY CATERS TO LOCAL PEOPLE and it’s torn down. 

I so heartily agree with the local farmers who will find themselves further depressed that whilst being told their milk/meat etc is devalued and undercut by goods from abroad and they need to diversify, efforts to diversify are met with heavy handed denial. 

West Oxfordshire is not a living museum and it’s in no one’s interests that it be treated as such. 

Matthew Greenfield
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Fri 14 Jan, 16:33

Article about it in the Guardian:

‘It’s shortsighted’: farmers lament veto of Jeremy Clarkson restaurant


Rosemary Bennett

Wed 12 Jan, 09:33

There’s a horrible mess been made of the verges opposite the farm entrance. It looks as if nobody cares.

James Norris
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Tue 11 Jan, 18:00

@glena they all have their place, but going to a restaurant that isn’t a pub is as welcome sometimes as going to a pub that doesn’t want to be a restaurant (like the Rose & Crown). 

@John all of those things you list wouldn’t especially be bad things, as long as they are planned with careful consideration. More different amenities are welcome.

Liz Reason
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Tue 11 Jan, 17:20

The Chequers is part-owned by Clarkson anyway along with Elisabeth Murdoch - Country Creatures.

Rod Evans
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Tue 11 Jan, 14:20

Planning decisions nearly always involve a balancing exercise between competing if not conflicting interests.  I haven't looked closely at this one but given that AONBs "have the highest status of protection" in relation to "conserving and enhancing landscape and scenic beauty" (NPPF para 172), I'd take a lot of convincing that this is the right location for a restaurant, being well outside any built up area.  Not to mention that the reason for its possible popularity has far more to do with its owner,  where the development potentially would be permanent.

Perhaps he could take over The Bell??  Only kidding - but I wish someone would!

Gareth Epps
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Tue 11 Jan, 13:34

The Chequers (one of many pubs round here that was shut for a long time by a brewery or pubco anticipating change of use, only to thrive when reopened as a pub).

glena chadwick

Tue 11 Jan, 11:47

The Tite Inn at Chadlington is quite near and does food. Also the large pub at Churchill (can't remember the name) does v. good lunches and is also not far.

John Kearsey
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Tue 11 Jan, 11:35

I would suggest it is development by stealth. First a restaurant, and that probably needs a bar, and perhaps the customers would want to stay so let's build a small hotel...

Jim Clemence
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Tue 11 Jan, 09:21

I agree with Richard.  I am not sure that the balance has been struck quite right on this one or perhaps the Mill House Hotel.  One of the purposes of the AONB is to increase the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the Cotswolds AONB and you need to get people to the area to do that.  Diddly Squat is certainly bringing a lot of people who otherwise might not visit.  I suppose there is a question as to how much Cotswolds enjoyment would be derived by visitors to a Diddly Squat cafe/restaurant but I think there is a good argument, especially given the farming context.  The traffic is the biggest issue both in impact and management but they satisfied the Highways Authority.  Visitors generally means traffic.

James Norris
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Mon 10 Jan, 20:53

Many of the objections are very weak and are clearly raised because of who it is and not what it is. A good, non-public house restaurant would add a lot to the area. The farm shop is pretty rubbish, but they’re not proposing some huge Daylesford style enterprise.

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)
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Mon 10 Jan, 20:48 (last edited on Mon 10 Jan, 21:01)

I’m a little worried that the trend at the moment seems to be to refuse any and all commercial development within West Oxfordshire’s part of the AONB. The refusal/withdrawal of the application to revive the Mill House Hotel at Kingham was a similar example.

There’s a fine line between conservation and development, and I wouldn’t presume to say which side this falls. But I would hope that the planners take into account the need for rural West Oxfordshire to be a thriving place where people (especially the young) can work, rather than just a rural dormitory area for Oxford or a pretty front garden for Witney.

(Also very disappointing to see no mention of supporting the X9 bus in the report, given that many of the concerns were about traffic, and the X9 runs right past Diddly Squat’s front gate.)

Liz Puttick
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Mon 10 Jan, 20:14

Bad luck, but if at first... you can always make like property developers and come again with a scaled back version. I see the plan is 8am - 10pm, so maybe just drop breakfast for starters...

Christine Battersby
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Mon 10 Jan, 19:07

Summary of planning documents here: https://meetings.westoxon.gov.uk/documents/s3575/Uplands%20Committee%20Schedule%2010th%20January%202022%20pdf%20v%202.pdf

I bet Clarkson appeals.

Hans Eriksson

Mon 10 Jan, 18:12

Not strictly Charlbury but Chadlington. https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/19836836.refused-jeremy-clarkson-plans-restaurant-diddly-squat-farm/

Admin can put this in debate if they prefer. 

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