Charlbury Community Workshop

The working group for the proposed Charlbury Community Workshop (CCW) is calling for ideas about this new project. The current proposal is for a workshop area of 20 foot by 16 foot, which would provide several work areas with benches and various tools. The initial start-up grant would fund the initial building, power, equipment, furniture and insurance. The CCW would be opened on prearranged mornings and afternoons, where supervision would be arranged, and there would be a small fee for each session booked. In the long term the facility needs to be self-funding e.g. from a mixture of yearly membership fees, session fees, and special fund-raising events.

The purpose of the CCW would be to provide an affordable facility for repairing, making and training in a variety of practical crafts such as woodworking, needlecraft, electrical/electronic repairs, 3D printing, stained glass, and upholstery.

The plans for the Charlbury Community Workshop are progressing well, and our current thinking is to have, at least initially, one work space for fabric/materials and another work space for woodworking and other crafts. We were explaining our plans at Street Fair. Nearly 50 people signed up as they might use the new community workshop, or they just wanted to hear more about it.

If there other suggestions for potential activities or facilities or you would just like to be involved or you'd like to have any news on the project sent to you then please respond here or email . We just need your email address but it would be really helpful to know what you'd be interested in using the workshop for.

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