Charlbury Climate Action Network

 Food for the future event on 25th April 2020

Charlbury CAN is organising a ‘Food Festival: Food for the Future’ on Saturday 25th April in the Memorial Hall from 12 noon to 3pm open to all residents of Charlbury and surrounding areas.

Come along to learn – and taste! Try out dishes cooked by local people using seasonal ingredients, all showing how we can make our diets lower-carbon and sustainable yet still be delicious and affordable. Find out about reducing food waste, and hear form local producers.

To join our mailing list or find out more about Charlbury CAN, email us on or phone John on 07484 801765 or Janet on 07947 076257

Charlbury CAN is a network of concerned citizens working together and with others to raise awareness of the climate emergency and encourage individual, community and government responses to the challenges we face. The food festival aims to bring people together to share information and ideas on how we can reduce the carbon footprint of the food we eat.

Our values and principles:

Our world is facing an environmental and ecological crisis – and we can each be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. We have a responsibility to make the differences needed to protect the world that our children will inherit. Each of us has the power to make choices and to act. What we do, or fail to do, matters. Individually and collectively, we can bring about changes that make our homes, our community and our world safer, healthier and more peaceful.

 The Climate Action Network (CAN) for Charlbury and surrounding villages acknowledges the urgent need for action to reduce the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, so that we avoid catastrophic warming and extreme disruption to all the systems that sustain life. This means freeing ourselves from our heavy dependence on fossil fuels and building a truly sustainable economy that benefits everyone. We also need to stop polluting our oceans, soil and atmosphere. All of this is critical for conserving the rich diversity of life on earth and the flourishing of our own species. It will bring benefits to us all, in a cleaner, healthier environment as well as new work and investment opportunities arising from a green economy.

 The Climate Action Network welcomes all members of our local community who would like to be part of the solution to these challenges. Our intention is to create a positive movement for change, based on the principles of non-violence, respect and care. Through offering each other support, we can strengthen our determination and confidence to act. There will be challenges, undoubtedly – but there is much to gain through acting together at this critical time, and so much more to lose if we do not.

 What we do:

 We support the people of Charlbury and surrounding villages to understand, engage with and respond to the climate emergency, personally and politically. Our goals are to strengthen -  

§  Individual responses – people taking steps to reduce their own carbon footprint

§  Community responses – action by local councils and local groups to reduce the carbon footprint of Charlbury and its surrounding area

§  Government responses – action designed to convince the UK Government and other powerful organisations to do more to address climate change.

 How we do this:

We are a network of concerned citizens with a variety of relevant skills and capacity. We achieve our goals by:

§  Providing resources and information to help people understand the climate emergency and the actions that they can take

§  Connecting individuals so that they can work together on climate change related issues that concern them

§  Connecting with other local and national climate change campaigns so that local people can participate and contribute

§  Organising actions to improve our local response to the climate emergency.

 To find out more, contact Janet on 07947 076257 or John on 07484 801765 or email

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