Squier/Marlin Stratocaster guitar £120

Professionally put together partscaster with a 1999 Squier Affinity neck, 1980s ply Marlin body. Pickups and electrics are probably from the same guitar as the neck and are strong sounding 5.77 kOhm output. Full size 500k potentiometers. It’s just had a fret level, crown and polish plus a new output Jack socket and full setup. New Ernie Ball gauge 10 slinky strings. It plays excellently, the trem holds tune really well and it sounds great. Various knocks and dings as you would expect for the age. The cracks around the neck pocket are just in the lacquer and do not go into the wood. Very common on Strats.

Vid here:

Jim 07528659591

James Goad · Wed 11 Jan, 13:34 · Link

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