Wanted: Sandbags!

We need some sandbags to help weigh down our umbrella and any Gazebo we might replace the one that got annihilated last week.

We’ve had FOUR Gazebos destroyed by wind despite tying down with multiple guy ropes. Last time the guy ropes held … but we had tied it down too well. Four metal pipes just ripped in twain with nasty sharp edges. And this was using elastic connectors to try and give some flexibility.

We’re hoping that using sandbags then if the forces get too strong it will just blow over but be held down enough to not fly across the garden in mid air like a predecessor which took off higher than the ground floor windows and crashed back down on the Bunnies outside large run utterly terrorising them.

There must be some compromise solution!

Malcolm Blackmore · Fri 17 Jun, 17:09 · Link

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