OTE Energy drinks

This advert was posted 155 days ago and may no longer be relevant.

Cyclists /Runners

2 unopened boxes of Orange flavoured energy drinks. 14 individual sachets /box.

Provides carbs and electrolytes to fuel you and aid rehydration. The only make that didn't upset my stomach. 

Vegan /Gluten Free /Dairy Free/ no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.

Powered me cycling the length of the UK. 

£23/pack on Amazon.

Selling for £15 /pack.  Will sell individual boxes.

Opened box of chocolate Soya protein drink. 13 sachets in box rather than 14.

Take post workout to repair muscles and speed recovery.

Normally £31 /14 sachets. Asking £20 for 13 sachets.

Contact: 07759426207

John Davis · Sat 21 Sep 2019, 10:11 · Link

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