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SHED are back from Edinburgh

Now we have returned from Edinburgh, we can certainly confirm that it really was an adventure. We had an exciting, exilirating and exhausting week that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

The group were hardworking and professional as well as being delightful, charming and a pleasure to be with. We were very proud of them and the way they embraced the whole experience.

Every day was a combination of fun, work and relaxation. We walked up and down the streets of Edinburgh, to and from our venue and the Royal mile, singing songs by the Beatle's and the Monkey's. We performed on the outdoor stages up the Mile,as well as walking up and down it singing Athen Rye to the tunes of Sam Parker's violin, promoting our show and getting in an audience.
Our venue C34 was one of the major theatre's and right in the heart of the fringe. We were delighted when Hartley Kemp, who runs C venues, asked us to come back and perform again. We most certainly will.

We all had passes that gave us free addmission to all C Venues and every evening we watched the students go out, looking absolutely fabulous, to enjoy Edinburgh. When they returned they were full of tales and adventures, they saw, comedy, drama, stand up, live music, accapelo, flamenco, nudity!. They all had differing opinions on what was great but they we all loved Think Pink.

The flat arrangements were perfect, encouraging a strong team spirit while allowing a certain level of independance for this senior group. Getting them to bed and then up again in the mornings was always fun.

In aspiring to be a part of The Edinburgh Fringe we were hoping for a wonderful, developmental experience for all of us at SHED. We feel we achieved this and more. We have appeared on a professional stage, promoted our show to people from all over the world, learned about performing for a critical audience and seen many other performers in action.

We would like to thank all those parents, friends and families who came up to Bonny Scotland to support us, and everyone who helped to get us there in the first place.

SHED will be performing Athen Rye at the Street Fair.

A date is being arranged for a final performance of Victims of Freedom in The Memorial Hall. Date to follow.

SHED Open Day on Sun Oct 15th where there will be a display of some of the hundreds of photos taken in Edinburgh. All welcome.

Chris Wray, Sue Cochrane, Trish Fraser, Teresa Laughton
SHED Theatre

Sue Cochrane · Sat 9 Sep 2006, 13:56 · Link

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