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Charlbury resident releases album

Mark Powys-Smith, of Ticknell Piece Road, has released a collection of musical, folk and popular songs. The CD is now on sale at Evenlode Books, Market Street, or visit .

Mark writes:

"All proceeds from the sale of this album will go directly to an educational fund for Asja, a Bosnian survivor of war, within the Penny Trust (registered charity number: 265887).

"In 1992 Asja Mujacic, then 8 years old, was living near Srebrenica when war and hatred enveloped her homeland, Bosnia. She and her family escaped the town on the last commercial bus leaving the region before Srebrenica was taken by paramilitaries and descended into a place of mass killing and torture.

"The Mujacic family took flight to Tuzla, a town in NE Bosnia and Asja and her Grandmother left on a bus for the relative safety of Croatia. The rest of the family never followed as the roads were then blocked around Tuzla as the enemy forces encircled the town. Asja lived as a refugee for four years and did not see her parents and brother again until she was 12 years old.

"Asja's family lost their home and livelihood as a result of the war and started life anew in Tuzla.

"In 2001 at a summer camp Asja came to understand that the different ethnic peoples in Bosnia with their various faiths must forgive each other in order to overcome a legacy of hatred and division.

"Asja has been offered a place to study International Relations at Oxford Brookes University. Her dream is to return to Bosnia fully trained in order to be able to contribute to the work of reconciliation and restoration in her nation. We need your help to make this dream come true."

You can listen to a track here (MP3 format, 2.1Mb).

Richard Fairhurst · Mon 28 Nov 2005, 20:32 · Link

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