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General Exhibition Rules

General Exhibition Rules

1. With the exception of pot plants and materials used in arrangements, ALL EXHIBITS MUST HAVE BEEN GROWN BY THE EXHIBITOR and the Committee reserves the right to inspect the exhibitor's garden if there is any doubt in this connection. The exhibitor need not have grown pot plants but they must have been in his/her possession for at least two months prior to the show.
2. Any protest must be made in writing to the Show Secretary before 3.30pm on that day of the show, together with a deposit of 50p, which will be refunded if the protest is considered justifiable by the Show Sub-Committee. The Show Sub-Committee may, if it upholds the protest, alter the decisions of the judge for that class.
3. All entries for handicrafts, cookery and photography classes MUST BE THE WORK OF THE EXHIBITOR and must not have been exhibited in any previous Charlbury and District Garden Society Show.
4. With the exception of the Spring Show, no exhibitor may enter more than one exhibit in each class.
5. Exhibits must be staged between 8.30-10.45am (9.30-11.00am for the Spring Show) on the day of the show and no exhibits may be altered after judging or removed before the end of the show without the Show Secretary's permission.
6. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry and the Show Secretary's decision in this connection will be final.
7. The Committee will not be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, any exhibit or container.
8. Subject to the powers of the Show Sub-Committee laid down in Rule 2 the decision of the judges shall be final and they may, at their decision, reduce or withhold any prize if they consider there is insufficient competition or merit.
9. All cups are "Perpetual Challenge" and are awarded for one year. THEY MUST BE RETURNED IN GOOD CONDITION TO THE SHOW SECRETARY A MONTH BEFORE THE SHOW CONCERNED.
10. Where possible exhibitors should name varieties of exhibits shown.
11. A Novice is defined as any exhibitor who has not won in any class in that Show.

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